fevereiro 04, 2011

TK Thoughts (3)

Do programa de ontem, 3 de fevereiro, sobre os problemas no Egito:

"I was skeptical, at the very, very least, (and more than skeptical, actually) at the heads who are on the ground in Cairo having arrived there one hour before and telling you 'the mood of Cairo' and the 'history of Cairo', and everything else that was going on, and now this was remarkable because this was a 'peaceful people's revolution', and you could walk on the streets, and it was just great... And that was fine, until that guy in a camel road by with a baseball bat. And now I'm watching the Nightly News (...) and Brian Williams was saying 'I can't believe this, it turns so suddenly, it's so shocking! What happened?' And I'm thinking, really? Why are you shocked at this? This is a revolution. What happens in a revolution is very simple: the people who want power, want to arrest it from the people who have power, who don't want to give it up. (...) Do you think Mubarak wants to give it up? Please, if he could get away with dropping an H-bomb on that square, he would do it, if that helped him to stay in power. (...) You people have watched too much tv, you've watched too much History Channel, you've watched too many 'made-for-tv' movies. In real life, people die in pursuit of revolution, and because the guy in power wants to hold on to power, what is exactly what we're seeing now! (...) And now they are attacking journalists: of course they are!!!"


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