agosto 28, 2008

É o Lucro, Estúpido!!!

Em tempos de eleições americanas, nada como lembrar James Carville, assessor democrata que cunhou a frase famosa "It's the economy, stupid!", depois de ler a declaração do Ministro da Agricultura brasileiro no NYT:

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Rising food prices mean many farmers around the world are reaping record profits. And South America’s agricultural powerhouses, Brazil and Argentina, are responding to the farming windfall in opposite ways.

The government in Brasília wants it to stay that way. Last month, it announced a $49 billion credit line for farmers, up 12 percent from last year’s total. Officials said farmers needed the credit to buy tractors and other machinery, pay for seed and fertilizer — which have also risen in price — and to increase productivity.

“We need to give incentives to producers because people are buying and eating more,” said Reinhold Stephanes, Brazil’s agriculture minister. “This is our opportunity to produce and export more, and help to reduce hunger in the world.”

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Custa muito entender que, quando os produtores aumentam a sua produção, é porque eles querem lucrar mais, e não "acabar com a fome do mundo"?!

Esta bondade compatível com a Madre Tereza de Calcutá ainda acaba com o Brasil...


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